We provide comprehensive sales, leasing and property management across inner-Melbourne.



Property Initiatives is a social enterprise. We exist 100% to fund affordable homes for women and children at risk of homelessness.



We are an experienced team of professionals with a unique service offering, underpinned by integrity, professionalism & a high value on client relationships.


“If you like the idea of your agent fees (something you already pay!) funding something a little more meaningful please get in touch with Property Initiatives and take advantage of their current offer. They are a social enterprise where 100% of profits go towards funding affordable housing for women & children at risk of homelessness. You’ll notice the difference in service quality/attention/passion when your agents work for a cause other than their short-term incentives!”

Greig – Investor (February 2017)





Property Initiatives’ property management services are customised to individual needs. We build a trusted relationship at the start so we can deliver quality service with the least stress to investors.


Property Initiatives will make selling your home a positive experience. We will be there for you every step of the way and work hard and smart to deliver the best result possible.


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